MomentX Community Update December 2021

3 min readDec 15, 2021

Post-Launch priorities, features and integrations.

Hello everyone, this is the first of our many-to-come monthly updates for the MomentX Metaverse. You can expect monthly updates from us for the first week of each month with regards to what we plan on bringing in to MomentX each month. For this month however, we were a little bit behind in terms of prioritizing features and implementing them. So, without further ado, here is what you guys can expect us to work hard on and bring in to MomentX Metaverse.

For the month of December, we are working on the following:
* UI and Menu tweaks.
* Video NFT implementation.
* Create a room explorer
* Miscellaneous Bug Fixes and Optimizations.

* Teasers on our social media.

Development features for our next release:
A guide on how to make simple Voxel art NFTs and upload them to an extremely easy to use marketplace.
* Locking objects and NFTs in place, so there are no more colliding issues.

* Fine-tuning and improvements on tools that already exist in MomentX.
* Teasers on our social media.

December 2021 Objective:

UI and Menu Tweaks

Very simply put right now you can do pretty much everything in the game that you desire from the in-game menu that you can see: log out, switch users, join the rooms of your friends or a room code that you have access to, etc. However, we do believe that the present menu system is very cumbersome. As soon as you bring up the menu, you have 3 or 4 different panels available to decide what your next action to take will be. We’ve also previously discussed making a “night mode” menu in game for some of our photo-sensitive users.

Video NFTs

We are working really hard at trying to bring video NFTs to life in MomentX Metaverse and we are aiming to have them ready to go before the end of December. However, in the beginning they will be extremely basic. The first rendition of video NFTs in MomentX will very likely just be infinitely-looping videos with or without sound enabled. Controls for volume, play/pause or skipping to a particular time in these videos will likely be added in later versions of MomentX Metaverse.

Room Explorer

For now you are able to visit other users’ rooms if you have added these users as a friend in the Quest platform or if you have their unique room code. However, we want to create a “room browser” that is very similar to a “custom game browser” that you would see in your favorite first person shooter game.

Goals for the next release:

A guide on how to make simple Voxel Art NFTs and upload them to an extremely easy to use NFT Marketplace.

This is a slight curve ball and we know that Voxel art is all-the-rage right now, but let’s imagine you being able to make Voxel art and then upload it as an NFT to a marketplace that is pleasantly easy to use. We hope this will inspire some of you aspiring artists to create your own NFTs.

Locking objects and NFTs in place, so there are no more colliding issues.

By now if you’ve launched MomentX Metaverse and entered your room and set it up as you please, you have inevitably made objects collide and this likely interfered with your experience in setting up your entire room. We are working on creating a system that stops users from “wrecking” their own decor and NFT set up while still being able to set up objects and NFTs as they please.

In conclusion:

That’s not all we have done for the month of December. We also integrated with the Flow blockchain and entered into a partnership with Blocto. So, if you haven’t already, make sure to follow us on our Twitter, our Facebook, and also join us on Discord to stay in the know with more information and behind-the-scenes updates on what we are doing to crank out a full-fledged metaverse.




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