Ready Player One, NFTs, and the Metaverse: Predicting the Future or just another piece of (pulp) science fiction?

  • A virtual currency for games that is fungible and can also function as real world currency.
  • The concept of virtual ownership, licensing, and rarity.
  • The concept of a metaverse without actually saying the term “metaverse.”
  • A system of giving players a strong sense of virtual ownership.
  • Creating a sense of ownership of a VR metaverse to certain stakeholders.*
  • A large variety of VR equipment that hit the market.
  • Stocks and equity-paying dividends from the game’s income system.
  • Using licensing to obtain verifiable virtual ownership of an asset.
  • Centralizing stakeholders in the form of stock-owners.
Denote the profile photo from the Bored Ape series that Mr. Curry uploaded.



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