Walkthrough of Menu Commands in MomentX Metaverse.

5 min readDec 2, 2021


If this is your first time playing MomentX metaverse, we are here to introduce to you how to bring up the menus in-game as well as navigate the in-game menus. Please note that the menu will very likely change with time.

To bring up the menu, turn the palm of your left hand towards yourself and hold it high in front of your face. You will see a button that says “Menu”, use your right pointer finger to push this button and open the menu. From there you will see four different menus.

Directly in front of you, you will see your NFT menu. Please note the dark-blue button that says “furniture”. You can push that button to bring up your furniture menu. Floating on both sides of the NFT menu you will see a left arrow and a right arrow. You can push either of these menus to navigate your furniture or NFT menus appropriately.

On the first menu, the NFT and furniture menu, you will see various icons below the image of the NFT in question indicating how they may be used in MomentX. Presently we have portrait NFTs and 3D NFTs, but more icons and NFT abilities may be introduced in the future.

This is how a 3D image will look in your NFT menu
And this is how it (the chilly) would look in game.

To bring your 3D NFTs to life, you will need to pinch or grab them from your NFT menu and then throw them on the ground.

The icons highlighted in red below indicate that they can be used as 2D NFTs in the various portrait frames that you will see in MomentX Metaverse.

This is our previous 3D model in a picture frame.

To remove your NFTs or decor, simply open the menu and look to your right, you will see a list of NFTs and furniture items that you have placed in your space. It should look like the image below. Push the icon (that has an arrow pointing towards a box) to the right of the NFT or decor item you wish to remove in order to remove it. Please note if you have more than four items (NFTs and Decor items combined) in your space, you will see arrows that allow you to browse more items that you have placed in your space. The left arrow will take you to the previous page of items you have placed in your space, and the right arrow will take you to the next page of items.

On the second menu, the left-hand-side menu, you will see a menu that shows the rooms of your friends which you can visit.

If you would like to visit the room of someone who is not on your friend’s list, you can push “Enter room code” and from there input the code of a room you would like to visit. While you are in the room of another user you can return to your own room at any given time by pushing MySpace from this menu, and then touching the corresponding space that you own. Push “Guest” button to see who has visited your own room and touch “visit” to see the option of visiting the rooms or spaces of other users on your friends list.

Note: When you visit someone else’s room or space, you are a guest. Guests may not use their own NFTs or furniture in a room that does not belong to themselves.

On the far right menu, the “settings” menu, you can turn music on or off, turn side effects on or off, and change the interface language. Please note that for the time being we only support English language while in the future we may add other language options. You may also choose to log out here and let a friend log in to their own MomentX account on your Meta Quest system. Last but not least, you can also choose to go through the tutorial mode one more time if you so please.

To bring any of these menus from your surround area to directly in front of you, simply push any of these buttons below the NFT menu. From left to right, they are: “Space”, “NFT”, “Room Item”, “Setting” “Share”, and “Hide all”.

“Hide all”, will simply hide the entire menu system so that you can simply view your NFTs as you please.

We hope this guide has been helpful. Remember to join our discord and follow us on Twitter if you have any questions or to stay up-to-date on everything that we are doing at MomentX.




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